Monday, February 16, 2009

NEWS will now be on

Thank you all for following this blog for so long. We will be bring it back very soon as a blog on various higher ed and Siena topics written by Allison Maloney, assistant director of communications.

For now, we are pleased to offer Siena's news items via our homepage at and

An RSS feed will soon be up for the news page and will be posted here.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Siena’s School of Science Announces Physicians Assistant Opportunity

Albany Medical College’s Center for Physician Assistant Studies (CPAS) has partnered with Siena College to offer students an early acceptance opportunity into AMC’s program.

To be eligible, students can apply during their junior year at Siena and must complete 1,000 hours of health care experience prior to enrolling at CPAS.

The Siena College/Albany Medical College Program for Science, Humanities and Medicine began 25 years ago under the direction of Ed Larow, Ph.D. The success of this program led to the idea of instituting the Center for Physician Assistant Studies.

“This is another healthcare career opportunity for our talented science students to pursue their goals,” LaRow said.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

Theresa Wojtecki '10, Ecuador

Melissa Cerrone '09, Ecuador

Homestay Uncle
Caitlin Conheady '09, Namibia

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Photo of the Week

Captions, anyone?

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Photo of The Week

Do you have a Siena photo to share with the world?

Send it in and your photo could be chosen as the photo of the week!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Siena Alumni in the News

This week, a few of our alumni are making headlines.
Richard Ognibene '85, the 2008 New York State Teacher of the Year is set to receive national Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence on Feb. 6 at the National Education Association Foundation’s “Salute to Excellence in Education” gala in Washington, D.C.

Todd Meredith '05 is currently starring as Buddy Holly in “The Buddy Holly Story” in Colorado. This role has taken him all over the country and he is receiving rave reviews.

Jeff Caimano, '89 of Clifton Park, N.Y. ran the Disney World Marathon and raised over $5800 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was Jeff's 4th marathon to raise money for this cause.

Victor Ostrowidzki '54 will present “One Man’s Journey: WWII Occupied Poland to U.S. Political Journalism” at Flagler College on Feb. 17.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Siena Grad Becomes Oldest Army Lieutenant

Adapted from Army's story, available here.
FORT BENNING, Ga. Mike Finnegan might be the oldest first lieutenant to graduate from the Basic Officer Leader Course II at Fort Benning, Ga. At 53, he completed the end of course Army Physical Fitness Test Monday with a score of 295, completing 84 push ups, 66 sit ups and running two miles in 15:22.

But it took Finnegan 30 years to get there.

When Finnegan received his commission from Siena College in 1978, he asked for an academic deferment to go to law school. After his graduation from Pace University in New York, the Army was downsizing and serving on active duty wasn't an option, Finnegan said. After seven years of individual ready reserve, Finnegan received an honorable discharge.
"But I never served," he said. "My only active duty time was Airborne School in 1977. It didn't feel honorable."

During the Gulf War, Finnegan again requested active duty, but the Pentagon denied the request, he said. So when he retired as an investment banker from the Wall Street firm of J.P. Morgan in April, he talked with his family about the Army again."

Because this was my third attempt, my wife didn't really think I had much of a chance of coming back into the Army," Finnegan said. "So she said, go ahead, not thinking it could happen."
I found out I was going about it all wrong - I needed to ask to be recommissioned."
In May Finnegan, who has four securities licenses in addition to his law license, was recommissioned and branched to the Finance Corps.

"My wife doesn't understand why I would give up my freedom to start over when I've already struggled with establishing a career, but my daughter who is at Cornell said to pursue my dreams and my 16-year-old son said, 'Hooah - go kick ass. My son who is a freshman at Holy Cross agrees with my wife, so the family was split on my decision."

But 2LT Jason Isgrigg, Finnegan's classmate, said it was the right decision for the Army."
Mike Finnegan brings a lot to the table," Isgrigg, the honor graduate for Class 02-09, that graduated Thursday. "He has so many experiences from the outside world that are applicable to the military. He's a great asset to the military."

Assigned to the 77th Regional Readiness Command in New York, Finnegan said the BOLC III classes at Fort Jackson, S.C., are filled for fiscal 09. He has a class reservation for April 2010.

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Medicaid Inspector General to Speak at Siena

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Guest Blog: Tom Coohill Visits Haiti

Tom is a professor of Physics at Siena.
Thanks, Tom, for sharing your story:

It’s almost 2000 miles from New York; 50 years from my graduation from St. Michael’s DHS in Brooklyn; 3rd world versus super power; all black compared to all white; but similar is soo many ways. It’s The Sant in Port au Prince, Haiti, and has the same feel, spirit, and success that everything the Xaverian Brothers sponsor does.

I traveled to Haiti to visit Br. Harry Eccles in Hinche and was fortunate to be able to interact with the college students and visiting brothers at The Sant. Br. Harry and Br. Mike help oversee a house for a dozen to twenty college–age young men so that they can afford to attend university. The Xaverians help with funding but the house is now run by the men themselves a real fraternity. A short trip from where I was staying in PAP brought me to a modest house and nine of the men who live there. Brs. Mike, Larry and Matthew were visiting as well.

After introductions, each man gave a brief summary of who he was and what he was studying. They concluded with their “dreams,” which all involved practical service to Haiti and helping others share in the gift they have been given of a college education. It was quite touching and very informative. Such dedication in each and every student is soo rare these days. It was evident that the high standards, rigorous training, and interest in others, so central to the Xaverian mission, was instilled in each of them. No whining about being in a 3rd world county, having little money for extras, having to study hard. Each felt blessed and so they are.

We also got a chance to talk about science (I’m a Biophysicist) and they pumped me with insightful questions about ozone depletion (my specialty), global warming, medical physics, and American students. I’ve lectured around-the-world but have never had such a wonderful group, each and every one of them, milk me for so much information. These guys know their stuff and they want more. How inspiring.

My stay was only for 90 minutes but I haven’t stopped bragging about these gentlemen back here at Siena College. Every dollar given to them goes a long way and seeing how they care for each other and run The Sant, is truly remarkable. I recommend them to all of you and wish them all the best.

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