Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 Luce Scholars

Sarah Amie:
· Major: Biochemistry
· GPA: 3.93 overall
· Reason for Attending Siena College: She chose to attend Siena because of its small size and well known science program.
· Extra Curricular: Siena Dance Team, Habitat for Humanity
· Research: Worked on the Green Chemistry Biodiesel Project with Dr. Todaro during her sophomore year. This summer, she will be participating in research on cell signaling with Dr. Sterne-Marr.
· Future plans: She plans on going to graduate school to get her PhD and hopes to have a career in research.

Janelle Rizzo:
· Major: Computer Science
· GPA: 3.79 overall
· Reason for Attending Siena College: She heard that Siena was a good school and close to home. Since Janelle was unsure of a major, she determined that a liberal arts school would be a good place to explore her options. It was during her freshman year that she took a computer science course and discovered her calling.
· Extra Curricular: Siena Pep Band, Relay for Life, ACM Women in Computing Club
· Research: Still exploring the different areas of Computer Science.
· Future plans: She plans on going to graduate school to get more experience in computer science. Currently interested in studying computer security and/or forensics.Type your summary here

About the Clare Booth Luce Scholarship Program: This scholarship generously funds two junior and two senior women pursuing degrees in bio-chemistry, chemistry, computer science, math or physics. It provides funding for tuition, research projects and faculty mentoring for their junior and senior years. The scholarship provides nearly a full scholarship for these students.

Our 2 returning scholarship winners:

Patricia Carroll:
· Major: Physics with minors in chemistry and math
· GPA: 4.0
· Reason for Attending Siena College: The main reason I chose Siena was because it was a great school where I could also play D1 soccer. I like that it's a small campus, very friendly, and not too far from home. It’s competitive both academically and athletically.
· Extra Curricular: Siena Women's Soccer, Physics Club and Sigma Pi Sigma member.
· Summer 2007: Project in astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History. The following information is copied from their website:
Studying Galaxies with COSMOS Advisors: Dr. Charles Liu COSMOS is a major Hubble Space Telescope survey with a massive international multiwavelength followup effort that, when completed, will be applied to a wide variety of astronomical questions. One preliminary study to be conducted, using the first portions of the COSMOS data, will be to identify the strongly star-forming galaxies in the survey and measure their luminosities, positions, and spatial distributions. The eventual goal of such a study would be to measure and understand the changes that have occurred in the field galaxy population as a function of cosmic time.

· Summer 2008: Accepted to NASA USRP program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. During recent years, both Jupiter and Saturn have been exhibiting interesting atmospheric changes and the ring system of Saturn is closing, thereby providing unique geometry for observations. My project will involve studying these changes using ground-based observations and other pertinent data resident in the Planetary Data System (PDS).
· Future plans: I plan to go to graduate school to pursue my PhD in Astrophysics.

Christina Sillery:
· Major: Computer Science and Biology
· GPA: 3.54 overall
· Reason for Attending Siena College: Siena is a small school with a great sense of community and service along with a strong science program. They encourage Franciscan values along with success through a well rounded, liberal arts education.
· Extra Curricular: Habitat for Humanity, Campus Ministry, Siena College Ambassador, Pep-band, Outing Club
· REU: MedIX: Medical Informatics Research Experience for Undergraduates Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation at Depaul University and Northwestern University. The following information is copied from their website:
"The REU site is in the area of Medical Informatics and will address issues related to the workflow driven acquisition of image data in an electronic medical record environment, and the subsequent post-processing of the image information to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the consumers of this information, notably radiologists. In particular, segmentation, texture analysis, classification and annotation of computed tomography (CT) images using computer vision and data mining techniques will be emphasized. "
· Future plans: As for my future, I aspire to extend my knowledge as far as possible, throughout graduate school and work towards a career involved with bioinformatics. In order to promote the advantages of modern medicine, I am aiming for a career that involves both the technological and medical fields. I hope to further my education both at Siena College and in the future in graduate school.

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