Monday, August 11, 2008

Siena Listed on Business Week's "Colleges with the Biggest Returns"

Business Week published the results of a Payscale study, which researched the colleges that open doors to the highest salaries, ranging from starting salary to top incomes.

Siena made it into the top fifty. You can find the article here.


davidl said...

Siena really needs to do some "self promotion" on their website including hyperlinks for their rankings on Princeton Review, US News and Business Week. When a propsective student visits the admissions pages Siena should really emphasize these rankings with stories with hyperlinks to each. Marketing 101. There is no mention of these rankings on the Siena website under "prospective students" or "about Siena".

Siena Communications said...

Thank you for your comments. We are currently working on improving our website in every aspect and your idea will certainly be added to our list.

Thanks again! We love comments!