Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Siena on List of Schools with Highest Graduation Rates

U.S. News & World Report inlcudes Siena in their list of schools with the highest graduate rates.
According to the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, 56 % of U.S. college students graduate from college within 6 years. 73% of Siena students graduate in 4 years.

Here is the list.


Anonymous said...

I'm a prospective student thinking of attending Siena next year and I think it's really great that the college is moving up in the rankings. I also think it's nice that the college has many means of communication for prospective students. The only suggestion that I have is for the school to work on their website and wikipedia page. Compared to other schools that I am looking at both need a little work. Especially in today's day in age when prospective students can get info anywhere on the net. Siena seems like a great school and I'm highly considering attending next fall!

Siena Communications said...

Thank you for your comment! It is great to hear you are interested in attending, we hope you have or are planning a visit so we can welcome you to our community.

Thank you also for your comments about the Web site. You will be happy to hear it is currently in the process of updating its web pages,which will hopefully be debuting within the next year.