Monday, February 16, 2009

NEWS will now be on

Thank you all for following this blog for so long. We will be bring it back very soon as a blog on various higher ed and Siena topics written by Allison Maloney, assistant director of communications.

For now, we are pleased to offer Siena's news items via our homepage at and

An RSS feed will soon be up for the news page and will be posted here.


Anonymous said...

Like how Siena has moved news to It's nicely organized and very easy to read. One suggestion I have is for you to make the news items on the front page rotate slower. Also, I think that the Communications office should help handle Siena's wikipedia page. The page seriously needs some help. Compared to other schools in Siena's league it is pathetic. In today's day in age, people get info from multiple touchpoints and this is one that many will use. I just figured that the Siena Communications department would be the most logical dept to help fix this. See what you can do. Otherwise, keep up the great work that your office is doing.

Siena Communications said...

Thanks for the suggestion...will forward to our Web people. As for the Wikipedia, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. What happened to make it so bad was a bunch of stuff got deleted by Wikipedia because it was biased and inaccurate information. We contacted Wikipedia to help create it in a better way, but were told that we could not because the information has to be supplied by others, not a company's PR department. So, we agree it's a mess. Feel free to edit it using info from our Website.