Saturday, January 10, 2009

Siena News

Check out the winter issue and let us know what you think.


davidlefeber said...

SC should have included an article on the school's decision to cancel plans for a new dorm which would have alleviated the over crowding on campus. Sadly, parents were never consulted or informed prior to the formal announcement. How can Siena discuss the concept of "community" when parents are not kept in the loop. I will still support Siena but I am very disappointed the school decided to go in this direction. Oh well, it just money and our life savings were are depleting.

Siena Communications said...

Thank you for your comment. The issue of Siena News was already at the printer when this decision was made, but we hope that you enjoyed the issue overall. Please feel free to contact Siena using the number and the email that were given in the letter sent home to parents and students on this topic.

We appreciate the support/