Monday, May 5, 2008

Academic Celebration Day

Over 130 students showcased their work at this year's academic celebration. There was a wide range of projects beginning with a Foundations submission on the musical settings of St. Francis and including student/faculty research that has already been presented at the national level, in dependant studies and group projects.

Entire classes got involved: Dr. Paul Konye's orchestra class composed original melodies; Dr. Patricia Trutty-Coohill's modern art course presented exhibition cards for Siena's Sculpture Show; Dr. Mary Fitzgerald's Hoyt's English Lit II class provided many projects on the Victorian era; Dr. Dmitry Burshteyn's honors students chose different countries and studied their influence on psychology; and sociology and marketing and management students presented their findings from their research methods classes. The software engineering capstone course showed off programs that student groups had been working on since September 2007. Other School of Science students showcased posters from integrated laboratory courses.

Here are some videos of students presenting their projects:
James Best '08 describing the hypothetical scenarios presented to 60 undergraduate students in order to compare moral judgement's of one's own morally questionable to judgements made of others' behaviors in the same situation. He did this project with Jamie Mowers.

Psychology students prove that this subject's history and influences span the entire globe.
Derrel Melton '10 and Sam Tymchyn '09

Ishani Choksi '10 and Akeem Shirley '11

Marietje Hauprich took cooking oil from the dining oil and made it into biodiesel as part of Siena's ongoing efforts at green chemistry.

John Zampella '08 and Tara Renna '08 explain their research on motor neurons in medicinal leeches.

Taela Durst '09 explains how she is discovering the best conditions for preserving art.

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