Thursday, May 1, 2008

This year's honors topics

The class of 2008 boasts 22 honor students. The students defended their research April 28-May 2. Here are their theses projects:

Karina Davis, “Beyond the Status of the Embryo: A Relationship Based Perspective on Pre-implantation Genetics and Designer Babies”

Christina DiBattista, “No Child Left Chubby: An Analysis of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic and Albany County Public Elementary Schools”

Megan Dobbins, “Soldier First, Female Always: How Modern Warfare is Affecting Gender Roles and American Society”

Lauren Fifield, “Student-Initiated Sustainability: A Tool for Grassroots Campus Greening”

Erin Frazee, "A Place at the Table: Recognizing the Value of Religion in Medical Decision Making"

Roman Griffith, “The Evolution of European Union Political Integration”

Jessica Hackett, “Factors Contributing to the Gap between the United States and Japan's Mathematics Education Results: A Comparative Analysis and Recommendations for Closing the Gap”

Tara Heffernan, “American Teen: Finding Her Place Among the Words”

Arthur Infantino, “Electric Automobiles in New York City Newspapers from 1900 to 1910”

Christopher Klaeysen, "Ticking Time Bomb: The Precarious Condition of Human Rights in a Terrorist Emergency"

Jaime Margies, “Tolkien's Allegory: There and Back Again”

Suzanne Orser, “¡JA-HA-JA-HA! El Humor...Hyphenated”

Julianna Piazzola, "Correctional Mental Health In New York State: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We Should Be Going"

Eric Scalzo, “Zimbabwe Truth and Reconciliation After Mugabe”

Aman Shah, “Perspectives on Health Care Reform: A Study of Medical Students and Providers”

Laura Sherin, “Red Carpet Ethics: Celebrities' Role as a Moral Barometer for Modern American Society”

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