Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Faculty/Administrator Awards 2008

Jerome Walton Award for Excellence in Teaching- Dr. Timoth Lederman, professor of computer science

Raymond Kennedy Award for Excellence in Scholarship- Dr. Raymond D. Boisvert, professor of philosophy

The James Knust Award for Excellence in Administration- Jeanne Martin Obermayer, dean of students and M.J. Strunk, assistant vice president for finance.


Jerry Antil said...

I'm his Uncle so I can call him Timmy. We are all so proud of him and this means many dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins. (Parents too!!) Timmy has always been the educator in good spirits - - with a passion for being aware, and sharing the blessing with all.

His famous (to me) "moment of silence" he shared with his class when the telegraph ended last year, comes to mind. A mournful reverence to the first time in the history of man that a form of communication of any kind actually came to an end.

Please send a release to the Charlottesville, Virginia newspaper so that all his schoolmates and chums can share our joy.

Good choice.

Did you know his momma was Franciscan taught through grade school and high school?

Uncle Jerry Antil - Dallas TX

Siena Communications said...

Thank you for your message! Siena is proud to have professors like Dr. Lederman that have a passion for their discipline and care so much about our students.

We will contact the Charlottesville newspaper. Thanks for the tip!